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Official Launch Party

National Association of Virtuous Women Inc.

Hi Ladies, my name is Laura Tate and I want to introduce you to the new way we are launching chapters throughout the nation.  Introducing our Sisterhood Brunch Soiree™


What is the Sisterhood Brunch Soiree™

The Sisterhood Brunch Soiree™ is the official chapter launch party for the National Association of Virtuous Women Inc.   

Our main goal is to bring women together under one roof to provide a morning of Power, Purpose & Prayer to women across the nation and beyond! Learn more about our organization by visiting

We have been bringing women together since 2015 and we are ready to step it up a notch.  

Our very first ladies event was held in the beautiful Queen City (Charlotte NC). 

That evening, about 75 women came out to network, connect, and grow as leaders in their homes, communities, and businesses.   Since then we have had numerous socials and community service outreach events, all complete with guest speakers, wonderful hosts, vendors, and great food. 


After that event, we knew we were heading in the right direction. The movement continues each month and now for 2019 gearing up for 2020, we are doing things a little different. In 2019 we have completely re-branded ourselves with new logo, new website, mission, and goals.  We are also changing how we use social media.  Facebook has been instrumental in helping us bring women together, and when we post pictures of women connecting here in Charlotte, we always see comments like  “Oh I wish you were in our city, or “I wish I could have been there”!


You are in for a treat with our new Sisterhood Brunch Soiree™, soon to launch in a city near you!

The Sisterhood Brunch Soiree™ is the premier empowerment brunch for all women! Women come out for a morning of Power, Purpose, and Prayer!   Each brunch features local vendors, workshops, panelists, guests speakers, entertainment and an elegant mimosa brunch!  This is not an event you want to miss. Grab your BFF and CLICK HERE to register your city for the Sisterhood Brunch Soiree™  to launch in your city!  

Ready to be a leader in your community? Become a City leader and earn extra income!
Launch a Chapter in your City Today! CLICK HERE to apply!

Active Chapters

Charlotte NC

Launched March 2015


Keira Hairston Wilson

City Leader

Charleston SC

Launched November 2017


Kimberly Inithe Snipe

City Leader

Brunswick, MD

Scheduled to Launch in 2020


Jennie Womack

City Leader

Baltimore, MD

Scheduled to Launch in 2020


Shakeerah Houchens

City Leader