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Virtual (Online) Membership

The Virtual Membership is perfect for those who are not in an area that has a chapter. Being a virtual member gives you the same opportunities to connect with other women who have the same interest and goals as you.  One thing we require with our virtual members is to commit to being active in the group.
TAKE THE PLEDGE:  I proudly contribute to women empowerment through the act of sharing knowledge and experiences from 'Life Lessons Learned' or lending support to women's causes, events or in any other way I can.
  • Social media connections

  • Spiritual, Personal and Entrepreneurial Downloads and Resources for your development needs

  • Access to one of the most positive, action-forward women through our EXCLUSIVE online community featuring directories, blogs, inspiration, motivation, and more.

  • Access to our Facebook member's group where members from across the globe connect, help one another, do business together, send referrals, share, support, and push each other to the next level of success.

  • Your profile listed in our exclusive Member Directory.

  • Ability to contribute as a writer to our Blog.

  • NAVW deals and discounts

  • Share your expertise by hosting an FB Live in the group

  • First Opportunity to OPEN a chapter in your area (ASK US HOW)